Professional Services

We ensure that we hire professional medical workers who hold all the medical relevant ethics. This guarantees our clients of the best service while at our facility

Quality Control

Mukono International Medical Centre is committed to giving quality medical services to all our clients, and the use of Quality Control measures.

24/7 Services

Our hospital is open 24/7 with all units active, instant ambulance services are also available and it helps on timely response in case of any emergencies from our clients.

Customer Service

By utilizing the latest technology, our customer support staff are able to meet the needs of our clients quickly and efficiently.

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About Us

Mukono International Medical Centre is the leading private medical service provider in Uganda. It was established to help meet the specific healthcare needs and to raise funds for that purpose. The Hospital has an extraordinary commitment to deliver the highest level of clinical quality and for providing the best possible standards of personalized care to its patients. The hospital has 3 Braches. The Main Branch is located in Kilangila, Wanton Mukono, the second Branch is located in Mukono Town and the third Branch is located in Seeta. Mukono International Medical Centre allows easy access to all of Uganda’s attractions, whilst offering a quiet haven away from the noise and bustle of Kampala city.


We believe that everyone in the world has a right to get proper medication by professional personnel under a well facilitated infrastructure and conducive environment and affordable health services.


To Be one of the Leading Health Providers

Our Services (Quality Service with Care)

General Medical Services: We offer general medical services with specialities in the following; Infectious Diseases, Gastroenterology, Endocrinology, Haematology, Neurology, Dermatology, Pulmonology, Nephrology, Palliative medicine and Cardiology, Rheumatology, Skin and STD unit, Tuberculosis, Accident and Emergency, Psychiatry, Assessment Centre, Radiotherapy, physiotherapy, occupational therapy and Medical Social Work.

General Consultancy: We have several in-house Consultant Physicians and Medical Officers who work hand in hand to provide effective medical care and they are always available full time.

Nursing Care: We have a professional team of nurses both at out-patient and in-patient who offer specialized nursing care. The Nursing Department is run by experienced staff drawn from Uganda and the East Africa region. The specialty areas such as Theatre, ICU, Maternity, and Psychiatry are run by nurses with special training and expertise in these fields. We equip our nursing staff with excellent skills through training to ensure quality services are delivered with professionalism and compassion.

Acute Care Unit: We have an Acute Care Unit which caters for clients in need of Special Care, Intensive Care and High Dependency needs. This department caters for clients with a wide range of ailments and also has a team of specialized care nurses to give best services.

Nutrition: we believe nutrition is a major factor for both causing and preventing most diseases in humans. We have a team of nutritionists and Consultant Nutritionists who are available 24/7 to offer you the best nutrition advice you need. Our team can help you on designing a healthy menu that will help you feed well.

Dentistry: our both hospital branches are well stocked with the necessary equipment to offer you the best dental services. We have well trained qualified and experienced dentists and consultant dentists, with nurses to offer you the professional and gentle dental care you deserve. This department therefore attends to both appointment and walk in clients because the dentists are readily available.

Health Assessment: During an assessment we evaluate your health status by performing a physical examination and obtaining a health history. Various Lab tests may be ordered to confirm a clinical impression or to screen for dysfunction. The depth of the investigation and the frequency of assessment vary with the condition and the age of the patient.

Safe Motherhood: This is the field that is given the most attention at Mukono International Health Centre. With over 5 in-house Obstetricians and a great team of midwives, mothers can now be assured of the most wonderful, safe and specialized maternity care in Uganda.

Fertility: Our Fertility unit offers fertility services. The unit is run by qualified Consultant Fertility Specialists and Fertility Matrons; we also a trained Embryologist on the team. The unit also has all the necessary equipment and has run several cycles of IVF, IUI, and Sperm Bank.

Paediatrics: We have well equipped Consultant Paediatricians who are highly qualified and widely experienced, with much love and dedication to children health care. We provide curative, preventive and promotive health services for patients in the paediatric age group. We also carry out education and training of different categories of students as well as research.

Nursery: We care for the pre-term babies and babies born with severe medical conditions. It is run by a stationed paediatrician and nurses who are trained to manage such cases.

Cardiology: We offer the best cardiology services in Uganda. We have enough Cardiologists who are highly qualified and experienced in the field. Most of Our consultant cardiologists are specialists from abroad whom we are pleased to trust with the hearts of our patients.

Radiology: We have digital x-ray machine, operated by a fully trained radiographers. This service is also available 24 hours every day. Ultrasound: This service is also available 24/7 for abdominal and obstetric scanning. Concerned personnel are stationed at both hospital branches to ensure quality service delivery.

CT-scans/MRI: We offer the best CT-scans/MRI at our both branches. In extreme situations seek assistance from external hospitals to offer a good service to our patients.

Accommodation: We inhabit patients uniquely and ensure privacy every patient. All our admission rooms offer privacy and security. The patients’ rooms are very clean and air-conditioned to give the necessary comfort. The team of nurses and doctors are stationed at our hospital branches to offer princess treat to the in-habited patients.

Surgery: We have a fully equipped theatre which serves both minor and major surgeries, with a stationed anesthetists and surgeons in different fields. We guarantee you safety and sterility in our theater. We handle both general and plastic surgeries. We also have a specialized theatre to only handle clients with fertility cases.

Pharmacy: We have a well stocked pharmacy which operates 24/7; the pharmacy is run by pharmacists who are dedicated to helping a client understand the use of medicines as prescribed by qualified doctors. We procure medicines from the best companies in the entire world.

Orthopaedics: We have different orthopaedic consultants from different parts of the world who help to meet the needs of our orthopaedic clients. The Orthopaedic department is fully stocked with the modern equipment and has all necessary specialists needed to offer the best services.

Physiotherapy: We have the best well equipped physiotherapy Unit with well trained and experienced Physiotherapist staff who work hand in hand with the nurses to ensure that patients acquire full recovery.

Accident and Emergency: Our dedicated emergency team of nurses and doctors are well trained and equipped to handle emergency cases. Our infrastructural set up is highly standardized that such cases can be attended to in privacy without inconveniencing other patients and their visitors in the hospital.

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